Sunday, July 22, 2018


It has been awhile since I have posted anything on this blog and that's for a reason or two. One, I realize how hard it is to keep up with one blog, but, two, that's crazy. Two, I already moved the posts on this blog to Sport Card Collectors to keep on there while deleting this one. I also had good intentions of continuing what I started here and finishing it there since this blog was so popular and I had a ton of fun writing on it. As you can tell. My passion is my past.

So I have put up a few posts on Sport Card Collectors that I would have put here just to give them a trial run and they exceeded my expectations. As in biggest posts ever on my daily blog. Surpassing all others over a 6 year span.

So recently because of those numbers a rumor has been going around.....

Rumor has it Sport Card Collectors blog name may be changed soon. Rumor also tells us it could be soon called The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict and overtake this as it's blog background and making this blog disappear forever...
Rumor also says the blog would keep posts intended for this blog going on that one and continuing ones collecting origin.

As with anything with a rumor. ..nothing is True til it actually happens. 
Will this rumor be true? What would you guys think of such a name change after 6 years of Sport Card Collectors? Let me know in comments!